Friday, 14 August 2009

Pilgrim's Bag

If you once were on a period event, you may know the wrong feeling when you move in the costume among people and have to have something modern at you. In my case CDs for the dance, paper tissues, writing pad with notes or so.
Actually couldn't find any luggage at women except the pouches and bags worn at the belt, they are so small that you can't take anything but tiny things. The only usable luggage was seen at medieval pilgrims. Not ideal but better than a plastic bag.

As you can see, I prepared one big piece, a long rectangle and two small pieces - one of them was sewn to the basic piece as an inner pocket.
I folded the upper edge of the small pieces, but the big one was of a complicated shape.

Luckily, now I know how to. I cut a pattern out of paper, put it inside and ironed the edges over it. It's just about steam violence :-) You can make the fabric do almost anything you want to when you have enough steam.
I sewed those pieces together (the narrow rectangle was sewn to a circle and used as a handle and bottom at the same time) to form a bag and made the fastening features. I made this stripe and used a part of it as a buckle holder. The piece in strange shape was used to cover the end of the fastening stripe.
Like this :-)
The finished bag.


Anonymous said...

Love this bag. Could you tell me how you made it, like what are the measurements.
I need one for a weekender bag, thanx

Žabacorporation said...

Hi there, my bag is about 20x30 cm, the strip is 5 cm, the length must be such that the bag is at your hips.
Please, add the photo of your bag here, when you have it, I'd be glad to see it :-)