Saturday, 20 February 2010

Skirts - The Longer One

This should be a costume for renaissance village dance. It's more like a fantasy costume, so don't beat me up that this isn't a renaissance dress:-)
I started with a waistband pattern. I needed a fitted one as I have quite a big lordosis and I usually have a lot of free space between my back and a straight waistband:-(
I took a rectangle of paper and made little tucks with pins at the hips and some other places. Then I put this on and changed their size along my body. This is what I got.

I retraced half of the waistband on a pattern paper and altered the fractures into nice curves (the green is the final pattern).

I put this one on again and measured the distance between the lower edge of the waistband and the ground at several places (in fact at the former tucks).
When I drew the pattern for the skirt, which is full circle, this helped me to get the hemline.

I cut two front and two back waistbands, each one with some extra length at the sides, for the fastening. I ironed vlieselin on one of them and sewed each two similar pieces together - at the sides and the upper edge.

I turned the waistbands over.
Here I already have the skirt cut. I laid one of the two front waistband edges to the front waist edge of the skirt. I sewed the band on.

Then I raised the waistband to the position it should be in, I folded the edge of the other front waistband inside and sewed there with a whip stitch, so that it would be almost invisible.

This is the finished waistband. I folded the hem, so now I have the orange skirt done for now, except for the fastening, which I'm too lazy to solve now :-P

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