Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Striped Bag

I've been thinking about this bag for a while (about a year, since I've seen it somewhere on the net:-) ).
Now I tried to make it. I'm not sure if the process is correct. Better to say I'm sure it's not :-D
I cut these pieces: a handle, two side panels and two center squares.
For the lining - two rectangles in the size of the bag and a pocket.
And I needed a zipper.
First I sewed one side panel with the handle rectangle. This part was easy.
(Then I did the same on the other side and I found out I had no way to finish (turn over) the handle. So some ripping comes.)
Next I sewed the handle and turned it over. The black piece you can see is woolen fabric. I inserted it in the middle of the handle for it to be more comfortable.
Sewing the other side panel to it was horrible. It must have been some other way in the directions.
I sewed the zipper to the lining I had prepared. At first I made a small pocket and sewed it on one half of the lining, then I sewed the zipper on. In the end I sewed the lining together (right sides in).

I put the lining to the inside of the bag a sewed there on at the fastener area.

The end :-)
As far as the pros and cons, the bag is very comfortable to wear. But it has a small opening compared to its size. I can easily carry A4 books inside, but I have difficulties getting them in.

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