Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chemise Finished

I had to catch the neck lining to the chemise so that it wouldn't move and wouldn't be visible from the right side at the same time.
I used a herringbone stitch. I pin the whole lining on the chemise's wrong side. I bend the edge at where I'd like the line of the stitches to be. Every time I make one little stitch at the chemise, I only catch one thread, and the other at the lining in the fold.
The last thing to do is the fastening at the neck. Button and a loop. I sewed the button on the left side. I attached two cords in their halves to the right side and handwoven the loop. You just take two cords to the left hand, two to the right. Twist each pair counterclockwise, then take the middle two cords and turn this pair clockwise. Repeat until loop.

The fastening. I used a shell button.
And the completed chemise:-)

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