Monday, 11 January 2010

Velvet Standards - Lillies Finished

Some more pictures from the embroidery. Here you can see how I join the curves. I learned to make a peak - I hold the fabric with only one hand while the other's turning the stitch width wheel slowly down to zero. Then it's easy to cover this end with another line.

I also try to keep the order of layers - the last to be embroidered at every lilly is the center. It's the uppest layer and just before doing it, I cut all the threads and the last line of stitches will hide them.

Now, I have the two parts of the flag prepared. This was the easier work:-)

I bought red fringe, sewed it on one of the parts, on the right side, facing inside. I didn't sew to the corners, a cm before them I sewed in 45° angle.

Completing the flag is what I'm not looking forward to:-/

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