Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chemise Renewed

Can you remember the old chemise project? I laid it aside because I cut the neckline too much at the back. Now I set up a UFO box (for those who don't know UFO = unfinished object) and I found energy to fix it.
I sewed in a new saddle. That means doing all the gathering and pleating again.

Before sewing the knife pleats, I basted them to be neat and even.

I decided to use elastic ribbon for fastening the sleeves. I didn't want to use buttons, this chemise is for a fighter and getting hit over the button.. Ai ai:-)
Probably, I'm just paranoid.

I made a tunnel for the band. I cut a strip and pressed its sides in. I pinned the quarters of the sleeve to the quarters of the strip and divided these distances once more.

I took the excess fabric like this to find out how much fabric I have for the pleats, I divided this length by the number of the pleats. In the end, each one was about half a cm wide.

I basted all of them for sewing and easy ironing as well. I just commiserate with the one who will have to wash the chemise and iron all the pleats with no basting on them :-D

Now I could sew the strip on.

I ironed the pleats and the lace - at the lace at full length, at the other side for about three centimeters from the strip.

I put the elastic band in. I pinned it near the ends.

Now I could sew the side and sleeve seams at once.

I carefully cut new neckline and tried the chemise on:-)

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