Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Chemise's Sleeves

There are only a few details I want to bring you today from the construction of the Thirty-Year War chemise.
The pattern for the sleeves was easy, symmetrical (taken from the pattern for men's T-shirt). The upper part of the sleeve's head should have been gathered as well, but in the end I just made a few pleats with the help of pins.
Before sewing the sleeves on, I basted them to the body (I'm ceasing to be lazy, you see? :-D).

The sleeve should be decorated at the wrist. I sewed the lace on before sewing the sleeve together.
The lace seemed too wide for a man to me. I zig-zagged the it to the edge of the sleeve, serging the sleeve at the same time. The side you see is the right one.

As the zig-zag serges well, I could cut the lace's bottom part off. Carefully.

Then I folded the lace downwards, strained this with both hands (you know, here I needed one hand to hold the camera:) ) and sewed with straight stitch a mm from the interface.

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