Thursday, 26 February 2009

Green Tunic - Beginning

An order from a friend of mine. Easy patter (early medieval), cheerful work.
This is the wrong side. I drew the shape with a marker and pinned a square of fabric to the right side. You can't see here that there is a tube between the two layers. It should be sewn over only at the vertical lines

The excess cut and serged neatly. I'm curious whether the trick with the tube will work..
By the way, today I acted reasonably and made the tube a from bias cut stripe of fabric.
At this light fabric, a light stitch should always be used at least at the neckline serging. In other words I had to give up my favourite heavy stitch and use a zig-zag here:)

The sleeves are simple trapezia. Sewn to the body - the right side to the right side.

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