Sunday, 1 February 2009

Checkered Poi

This was a special fast order from a friend of mine who wanted me to make a gift for her boyfriend. She made up an interesting design. You'll see for yourself:)

I begun with a square of canvas, which I ironed a fusible web on. Then I had to cut this to little squares. I regreted I didn't have a mat under rotary cutter yet. I got the cutter for Christmas and I still can't use it, without a mat..:-(

I made a pattern on a sheet of paper. It indicated where each square should be. After each row I folded it on a new line and went on with another row. I used a paper glue to keep them in place. Recently I've become a glueholic dressmaker, haven't you noticed? :-D

I sewed the little squares on with satin stitch (very short zig-zag). Murphy's laws work in the world of a seamstress. The blue thread ran out just before the last row of the first poi. I didn't dare starting a new one if I didn't manage to buy exactly the same hue..

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