Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Green Rasta Poi Pocket

It's been a long time since I showed how I created a pocket for sock poi.
First, I always make the embroidery on one of the pieces.
Then I serge the upper sides.

I cut three stripes of different colour and place them on the right side of one of the rectangles. I cover it with the other rectangle (right side down) and sew along the edge.

So I sew these two rectangles together with the right sides inside. I may start or stop sewing a few centimeters from the upper side if I want to make a hole in the future tunnel for the cord.

Before serging I don't forget to snip the lower corners. Carefully, not to damage the stitches.

I turn the pocket over. Then I fold the upper side inside and sew with the stitch that looks like a serif capital V. That's a bit symbolic as the historical group I'm a member of has the initials V.V.
By the way, this is a suicidal choice. Every slowing down or accelerating during sewing is terribly visible.

The last step is easy - cutting off the waste threads and snipping the stripes to Indian-like style.

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