Saturday, 30 January 2010

Chemise's Neckline

As the neckline was quite narrow, I had to make a slit. I copied the shape of the neckline and added twice the width of one welt and prolonged the lining in the center front to a bit more than the future split.
I ironed a fusible interfacing around the slit. Then I sewed the prepared lining in the desired distance from the slit (right sides together).

I made a small Y-shaped cut at the end of the slit, it must end up exactly at the last stitches (and not damage them!).

I turned the welts over and I turned the little triangle inside. I basted the end of the split together..

..down to the end.

I sewed the little triangle at its base. It's important to sew as close to the split as possible, other way you can have holes in the corners of the spilt. The triangle has been sewn to the seam allowances of the welts.

Having the neckline prepared, I put the collar as it should finally lay on it and the neck lining on it right side down.
Basted a cm from the neckline.

I sewed along the basting, cut the seam allowance to half a cm and made small cuts at the curves.

I turned the neck lining in and ironed.

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