Sunday, 3 January 2010

Velvet Standards - Lillies Prepararation

Four velvet double-sided standards, what a terrible work they made out for me! :-)
As the first one, I decided to make the one with French lillies. The smallest and easiest shapes to get the skill.
I cut them in two layers, drawing the shape roughly around the pattern.

I ironed vlieselin on, then put one more with the glue facing up, drew the lilly on it and sewed the upper vlieselin to the rest in the marked lines.

Then I cut the shape two milimeters from the stitches and I could iron it on the flag.
What would you think I managed to? Yes, I sewed one piece of vlieselin with the glue facing in:-D

Fortunately, I managed to tear it off, pinn another one on and sew over the stitches. In the end, it wasn't even noticeable.

Flags, such a boring project, nothing to show.. So you may at least laugh seeing the little light dot on the red lilly. I was laughing as well, when I saw I had ironed the lilly on the flag with a pin left between:-)

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