Sunday, 16 October 2011

Woolen Trousers and Tunic - Finished

I hemmed the lower edge of the calf pieces and gathered the knee of the trousers.

The gathering: I sewed two lines of long stitches and pulled the lower thread.

I sewed between these two lines and then ripped out just the line of gathering stitches that was visible at the right side.

The completed trousers:-)

I serged the neckline lining, ironed it to the wrong side and sewed on the place. I ironed it on the wrong side so that the edges wouldn't mark to the right side.

I had to insert small gores to the armcye. I sewed them to the sleeves first.

Then I sewed the sleeves to the body. Then I sewed the sleeve and side in one step.

I like sewing over the seam allowance when I hem the sleeve - it's locked where it should stay:-)

I folded and hemmed the lower edge and the tunic is here :-)

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