Saturday, 15 October 2011

Woolen Trousers and Tunic

This is a quick business - I must make the costume (trousers and tunic) during this weekend.  
I cut out two very wide legs and sewed the thigh parts. I sewed the center seam and made a tunnel for the fastening cord. I left out a hole in the center seam for the cord.  
I measured the upper and lower circumference of the calf, drew a trapezoid and curved the vertical lines.
I sewed the vertical seams. Now I had the thigh and calf parts prepared.
I drew the basic pattern for the tunic. It depends on the breast, butt and length measures. 
I placed a raw piece of fabric on the neckline and sewed along the line. Then I measured four centimeters from the stitches and cut off the excess. 
I sewed the sleeve to the armcye before sewing the side seams.

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