Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ironing Board Sleeve - Finished

I drew the shape of the upper part to the treshold that is not carved. I got a new electrical saw - I attached the wood to the table and cut it carefully. I was surprised that I had to press quite strongly forwards. And downwards when the saw was slowing down.
I glued both smaller wood pieces, let them dry a bit and pressed together to form a T.
I marked the holes, drilled them with a narrow drill. Then I put the pieces together and drilled them through with the same narrow drill. I widened all the lower holes with a bigger drill and two of the upper ones two. I glued the pieces, put them together and fastened with two screws. Then I widened the rest of the holes and put in all the screws.
 I laid the arm to the wadding and drew the outline. I cut it twice, then cut two more layers with allowance for the sides and the biggest piece from twill with about three more centimeters of allowance.
I folded the edges and hammered a few nails. The fabric must be tightened well on the arm.
When I had some of the nails on the place, I added quite a lot of them in the gaps.
At the back, I even nailed the fabric under the upper layer for the fold to hold well on place.
When I was adding the stand, I put it on with two screws already sticking out - this helped me to lodge them to the right place :)
When this happens, you either charge the power screwdriver to full battery and try to drill it out, or take a pair of pliers and take it out with a bit of swinging.
I love this tool! You need to make conical holes for the screw heads to dive.

The V-shaped cut in the middle lets the sleeves and legs to be ironed at the very back of the board.

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