Saturday, 1 November 2014

Photo Album - Binding

I want to make a photo album.I don't like white paper very much - I bought the paper that's used at the post office for the packages.It's cheap and nice and tough.
I folded the paper and cut the size with these two layers. The size of one layer is photo plus one cm at the sides and one cm at the binding.
I drew a line with a sharp tool I use for dressmaking. It's easy to make a fold at such line. I ironed the sheets and pressed them several days under a pile of books.
 I took three pieces of twill band, measured the distances on the book and drew marks at each sheet. I pricked the holes with a pin.
The outer sheets are single. In the end I sewed one outer sheet and one common sheet together, so this photo is not really real :)When I sewed first two rows, I tied the two ends together in a knot and went on with the longer one.
 I glued the little overlap to the outer sheet, cut the twill band and glued it on too.

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