Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Photo Album - Finished

Today I was making the cover for my new photoalbum. I bought a strong folder for documents and cut out two rectangles slightly bigger than the album (the allowance for the top, bottom and one side). On the other hand, the spine was cut slightly narrower than necessary.
I laid the pieces on the wadding and cut it along, without drawing anything. And there's the problem - for such thick fabrics, leave rather a cm between the spine and the board. I left about four milimeters, which appeared to be very few.
I put the wadding on a fabric and quilted it with a stipple pattern. Even at this step it shrinked a bit.
I sewed on a satin ribbon to the middle, for the fastening.
Then I glued the boards and the spine to the wadding. I let it dry a bit before I went on. 
I glued a piece of thin canvas to the inner side of the spine and to the album binding as well. It makes the binding more tough and protected from undoing.
Then I could glue on the allowances at the book cover. I tried to pull quite hard so that the fabric laid flat on the paper.
As the last step, I glued the outer sheets of the album to the inner side of the cover. It must dry very well and it's great if one can put some weight on the book at this phase.
I haven't made slits at blank sheets yet. For every photo I'll have, I must place it on the paper, make dots with a pencil about half a centimeter from the corners, put a protective board inside and cut the slits with an office knife.

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