Sunday, 21 May 2017

Wire Wrapping Adventure

I've been looking at wire wrapped jewelry pictures for a while and today, while procrastinating from other work, I finally found time to try out one myself.
Plus I'd made a copper bracelet recently and had nothing to match it with.
I chose a great beginner tutorial. I thought it would be tough, but it was quite a lot of fun instead, especially the wrapping :-)
I used a 0.8 mm wire that I bought in bead store and a really thin wire from an inductor.
The pendant looked a little wierd on a black cord, so I created a chain as well. Just figures eight, easy as it sounds, and it looks almost like a regular chain. I copied the fastening style from the bracelet. It's funny not to have to depend on bought components...
For the earrings, I made a little spiral, then I bent the wire a few millimeters from the spiral and threaded the bead on. I bent the wire along the top and made a loop. Earring hooks are made from the same wire. It's just important to file the ends. Even though I always turn the pliers to cut the wire with the less slanted part of blade, there is still always some sharpness left.

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