Monday, 10 April 2017

Card Weaving Loom Version 2.0

I'll be making a new viking apron dress and I wanted to try out a new model of loom.
I can't take it anywhere with me, but I don't have to move the warp every now and then and it should't be such a problem that the threads are twisting at the end.
I cut two rectangles of wood and attached little triangular pieces to the bottom (it's a piece from fruit box :-) ). The front rectangle is attached with screws to the base. It has also fixed hooks. The rear is attached only with a clamp (I hate this type anyway, so I don't miss it in the workshop). I made hooks from wire and set them on washers so they could twist.
I drew a simple pattern. I wanted a simple one. Only turning all together forward and backward. It doesn't really work like on the picture, but kind of :-) The slashes mean the direction of threading the cards. 
Every second time I change the direction one turn later and it creates this green dot inside.
I love the new loom. It took me a lot of nerves to assemble it. Then it took quite a long time to thread it. But the weaving... It was so fast and comfortable, I can't believe I had it done in one afternoon! (and enjoyed it)
Beware. Card weaving is addictive.

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