Monday, 24 November 2008

Yellow Rasta Poi Finished

This part was tough. The neck was quite narrow and the fabric stiff (especially the green and red). I tried to turn the poi over and got this. Poi without the last article. It took me more than half an hour to turn over the green stripe at each one. I used thin pliers and progressed milimeter by milimeter.

The symbol I chose - I hope the client won't mind. He said he wanted the poi in "rasta colours" and this is the only symbol that came to my mind in connection with this:-)
You can see how I cut the fabric at the corners - for them to fit in when turned over.

The poi are just gorgeous. At first I didn't like that I laid the stripes of the same width at the same distances. However, when I started to spin them to try what they were like I found out how nice they are in move. Particularly at good light:-)
Jacob, I think you chose the look of your poi well. Thank you for this design.

Poi and the pocket are finished and can leave for their home..

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