Thursday, 6 November 2008

Yellow Poi - Preparation

I have now two orders for yellow poi - one with red flames and the other with rasta-coloured stripes. I suggested orange between the flames and the yellow to my friend (future owner) and I think it was a good choice:-)
The poi are conical so it took me quite a lot of time to make a pattern for the flames not to seem strange at the seam.. Eventually I made one I liked. I transferred it to the canvas a fusible web had been ironed on. I didn't like I had to add the web to already a thick fabric, but I could be sure it wouldn't fry out.

As I said the tent canvas I use is quite sturdy and I was afraid there would be track of pins. I triend to do something strange - I sticked the fire on with sellotape:-)
It didn't hold together very well and very long, but as a hint it worked.

You can see I have a new foot - I must say I just love it! Can you remember my gryffins? You could spot a foot that was at my machine by default. I hated that I didn't see what I was sewing. I found a shop on the Internet and bought one extra foot. In fact they were three but I'm not as contented with the other two as with my applique beloved foot:-)

I said the canvas is heavy. I cut the yellow fabric at the bottom part and bit a piece from the flames. I'm not afraid it would fray out dangerously - the yellow is bounded by satin stitch which is a way of serging.

The other poi are to be smaller: the client wants to have looped handles at the end. Sewing the stripes on was like usually - I sewed them on and then cut out the whole shape of the poi.
I personally don't prefer striped fabric. I would make the upper stripes narrower than the others as at the red and orange set (in fact I like the orange ones the most of my products). Maybe next time I could suggest it :)

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