Saturday, 4 August 2007

Orange Sock Poi

Yesterday I made real sock poi, not like the prototypes I had made before:-)
I bought original ones to know what they look like exactly.
First I made a pattern on the whole fabric.

Then I tried to draw a cut. The pattern is 10 cm wide and 90 long. I have a suspition that the original cut consists only from almost-a-triangle. I created this one. The fabric I used is a tent canvas not to stretch and to be strong enough.

But as it's so tough I was desperate about turning it inside out. In its end poi was only a cm wide and I found myself hopeless. But something saved me. Pliers:-)

And this is how it ended up. I am contented, although this poi that I've made for my friend is better coloured than the mine :-) And I have a new meter, pleased about it, my longest ruler was nearly 30 cm :-/

I decided to sew sock poi for some money, I like it and hope the jugglers who can't sew themselves will like it too:-) Today I made a small bag for the poi from the rest of the fabric.

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