Monday, 27 August 2007


I found a grommet set in a shop - and I decided I could finally learn how to set grommets. There were no instructions and it took me and mum a lot of trying:-) All of the grommets were the same and we're used to two parts ones. We also didn't know you have to make a hole first.

Put the grommet from the front fabric side through this hole and prepare the pliers - you work from the wrong side. Set the grommet on the part of pliers that has no projection.

Check if the fabric is neatly around the grommet. Be aware of it all the time you're pressing the pliers.

I've had an idea of this style of T-shirt long time ago, now I could try it. I wanted another string but it was too thick to be twice in a hole.

I just didn't know what should be on such T-shirt. I'm not sure why snails meddle in my T-shirts all the time :-)

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