Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Snake Poi

Sister wanted me to make her poi. She had a good idea as you see:-) And I had some practical ideas to realize it.

I made the decoration first - I've sewn a long narrowing band but when I had to turn it over I decided that it would be faster just to iron. So I cut two more pieces and didn't sew them.

I started to sew the doubled edge, down down down down and then up along the other one. This should provide a viper-like impression.

This is the decorated pattern- The rest was the same like at the poi I'd made before.
I added eyes, the biggest on stock, and as far as a tongue, I didn't tie the ends with a black cord but red one instead, and what's the most important I tucked the loops inside the snake :-)
I hope she'll be contented ..

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