Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Clawn Sack

The clawn I made the hat to wanted a sack for candies for kids as well.
I started with a tube. I think it should be done from bias, but I didn't, wanted to save fabric:-D The tube is just a thin pipe, thinner at one end. After sewing it you cut the hem to about the width of the tube. The thread I'd left at the thin side was thread through the tube and pulled.

As it wasn't bias I had hard time turning it inside out.
This is the shape of the sack - two U pieces sewn together.

I made two small machine buttonholes. Then I folded the upper edge downwards and pinned. I took a lace and sewed it to the level of the buttonholes joining the pinned fabric.
At first I used a rather thin lace, a bit wider than the width of the tube, but the sack was quite hard to close. This is a wider one, from nylon. Doesn't seem to be very reliable at the first sight, but I think it can do it:)

Some finishing to the cord's ends. I quite like tassels, but I can't remember me producing one so far. I took a spool, it was a new one, with a plastic cover still on. I rolled a couple of embroidery cotton on the spool and pulled this out. The plastic helped me as I could take it of the spool at the same time.
I put the tube in the middle of the future tassel. I took a needle and thread and attached the tassel with two stitches (shape of figure eight) to the cord. Then I cut everything unnecessary and left just one end of the cotton to wrap the joining with. The end has been tucked inside and cut.

I could snip the tassels and hand the little sack on to its destination:-)

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