Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pole-axe Decoration

Boss asked me to.
He wanted me to tie this white something to the head of the pole-axe (to make it nicer and to cover the nails:-P) but I didn't like it.

I bought new fringe (syntetic as well - ugh). I cut it in pieces and sewed them in hand, around the pole-axe neck. Three pieces on each.

He wanted me to cover places for grip. I used natural cord from stationery:)
I fixed the end of the cord with the first spin (by force) and covered it with the following ones. The last three spins were loose, I cut the end and tucked it under them. Then I fastened them, one by one, and pulled the end down firmly. Cut it and nothing will be visible but a smooth handle.

Taking picture of 2-meter staves isn't very comfortable:-)

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