Friday, 10 October 2008

Playdough Heart

Just a bit of distracting work. Playdough.

I took two colours and made various hues. What could have inspired me to do something like this? :-)

I smoothened the heart. I decorated it with a few dots and a spinned a cord from two narrow strips.

The cord has been moulded in the way not to disturb the whole shape of the heart.
By the way, my boyfriend went on a trip and I couldn't go with him. I gave him a small box with crisps and I laid this at the bottom. I was asking him inconspicuously about the crisps several times... :-)

I came to the trip to him a day later. I found out that he had eaten the crisps the day before. And he thought that the heart was edible as well, he bit a bit off:-D As his defence I must admit the playdough smelled quite sweet.

I made a handle for my crochet needle from what remained. I made a cylinder, punched in the needle and gripped firmly. I saw it somewhere on the Net, but unfortunately I can't say anyone thank you as I've totally forgotten where I'd seen it. But it's very comfortable.

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