Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Clawn Hat Progress

I liked sewing the spangles on the hat:-) I used for stitches to attach each of them with a cross.

Then I got down to the the bands. They would be tied under a chin. I cut the shape I'd wanted and sewed along the edge. I cut triangles at the pointed places. In fact after sewing this I decided to make them longer.

I turned them inside out and sewed again close to the edge. I wanted to help myself with iron but the synthetic fabric was so *grrr* creaseproof that I didn't succeed.

I cut a rectangle from yellow and sewed the the laces on like this. I sewed one yellow side to the red spangled band of the hat.

I closed the yellow band to a circle and added a buttonhole for the possible rubber band inserting.
I had to pinn all to compensate for the awful crease resistance. Then I sewed the inner side to the red with my favourite stitch that I call rice stitch:-) It's like the York stitch at figure 8 at this small but gorgeous site.

By the way, you can see that the stuffing went down at the place where head should be situated. I'll have to do something about it or I can call myself a poor seamstress as it wouldn't be wearable..

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