Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Gryffin Flag - Preparations

My new project - huge heraldic flag. I often wish we had chosen a simpler sign:-D
I found a new product in a store - vliesofix. It's a glue that's usually on vlieselin, but just on a paper. I traced the picture to the paper (mirrored) according to the instructions. I roughly cut it out.

I cut out a piece of vlieselin even bigger than the previous one (at first wrongly mirrored:-D, but the second attempt was ok) and ironed it on. It's necessary, the glue itself can't prevent the fabric from fraying.

Then I ironed the vliesofix on. To protect both the iron and the fabric I did it over a baking paper. If you have your iron too hot, this ensures the glue won't stick to it.

Then I could cut the gryffin out. And it's not a matter of quarter an hour:) I like snipping the shape so that the tips of feathers and claws and hairs touch the first shape, at the second turn I cut out the details.
It's comfortable to have the exact line on the paper. I can't imagine I would have to draw it on the fabric with charcoal or with my superspecial marker that disappears within twenty minutes..

This way I should have the same result as if the vlieselin had glue on both sides. I wonder why something like that cannot be had at us:-)

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