Thursday, 16 April 2009


Not to post motivational pictures all the time, I have one demotivational for you. What is it like to make an application on a huge flag? :-)

Pulling the flag through the machine, there and back again and again.. The glue probably needs less than this to unstick from velvet. Quite unpleasant.

I sewed these parts first as they should be under the other layers in the end. When I have sewn a piece of a line, I re-iron the part of the gryffin that's to be sewn as next.

A word to the technique - when you make a sharp tip, it quite often happens that when you turn the application and sew back over the stitches, the needle gets stuck and the fabric's not flat eventually. I solved this by using a bit longer stitch for these places. Than the feeding works stronger.
The high curvature. Another hard matter. I cheat by sewing to the middle of the arch, turn (too much) and finish the curve. It's not a perfect arch, but it looks so:)

I'm really sorry about this. Hours of work and you get a hybrid of gryffin and shar-pei. The legs weren't glued enough and moved when I sewed them. When ironing them again, this occured.

The gryffin's done.

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