Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Woolen Cloak - Sewing

I sewed the darts. You should tend to have a gentle passing between the seam and the part without seam.

I cut the unnecessary fabric and ironed flat. Wool reacts nice and when you iron the seam well, it's almost invisible:-) It copies nicely the shape of the body - wool is said not to have to be ironed, it's enough to hang it and it will draw up straight.

I hemmed the lower part of the cloak, using gathering as at the monk robes. As far as the neckline, I didn't gather anything. I just worked with my fingers so that the seam would be nice and flat.
You may notice I didn't serge anything. I didn't have enough time and wool shouldn't be machine-washed either, so I left it out.

I got this. Fastened with a safety pin for now. It's so warm and cosy I almost envy :-)

No, I really envy! :-P

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