Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Toy Serpent

A Christmas present for my almost one year old niece.
I had a scrap of velvet kniwear. I cut it in about a triangular shape and sewed the edges together at the long side. The seam shrinked as you can see - maybe you know what it is like to sew knitwear on regular sewing machine.-)

For reasons like this I have been collecting small useless pieces of fabric. I tried to cut them to even smaller squares or whatever for the toy to be soft.

Before filling the head I basted the fabric about two centimeters from the edge.

I stuffed the head, gathered at the basting and pushed the edges inside. I sewed quite a lot of times over the opening for the toy to be safe.

I sewed on a tongue with satin stitch. It was cut from a piece of red satin lace.

I took a fabric from above and under the tongue, pressed them on it and sewed there. This way I got an upper and lower jaws.

The rest was embroidered - I didn't want to use beads or so for such a small child. Eyes - raised fishbone stitch, back - coral stitch.

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