Thursday, 31 December 2009

Yellow-Brown Dress - Sleeves

As I must double everything, I have to work with a paper pattern. I marked the changes since the last trial - fortunately, this just meant to change the back tuck.
I ripped it out, drew on both the dresses and resewed. The center back tuck has been prolonged to the little tuck above the gore, so that the little one actually disappeared:-)

The sleeves were OK, so I could prepare them for the dress assembling. I sewed them in the center seam and pressed the allowances flat. As the seam's not very straight, it should be ironed in the following way.
I put it on a tailor's ham and ironed the straight part up to the top of the curve which has been placed to the edge of the ham.

Then I turned it and finished ironing from the other side, raising the sleeve to make it easier.

Not very interesting work to watch today:-)

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