Thursday, 4 March 2010

Minicorset - Finished

I have the corset with whalebones, so only a few operations have left.
I cut a band, serged one side and pinned it on the right side of the corset to the lower edge. I folded the ends up for the hem to be finished in a nice way.
I sewed in haf a cm not to hit the whalebones.

I turned the band to the wrong side of the corset. I sewed at the right side exactly in the former seam, the stitches almost aren't visible this way.
The ends must be sewn to the corset in hand.

I already had the length and position of the shoulder strip so when I had the whole corsed hemmed, I sewed it on, again from the right side in the former seam.

I added some grommets for the lacing.

I'm looking forward to the first performance in the new costume :-D

2 comments: said...

the last picture is so cute of you. the costume looks so authentic!

Žabacorporation said...

Thanks:-) I personally wouldn't call it authentic (or period:-o), but I'm quite satisfied, especially wearing full circle skirts is really enjoyable;)