Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Minicorset - Whalebones

The front edges were the easiest as far as inserting the whalebones.
I took a strip of fabric and sewed it in less than the middle to the front center of the corset.

I ironed the seam so that the corset would be on the left and the strip on the right. Then I sewed a tunnel in the width of the whalebone. The whalebone was inserted and the strip ironed leftwards.

The other seam seamed more difficult, but once I tried it, I found out I was scared in vain:-)
The seam allowances were pressed each one to other side. I cut a strip of fabric in the width of the allowances and sewed it on them, so that the final width of the tunnel would again match the whalebone.

The lower edge should be hemmed for about half a centimeter, so I ended the tunnel here. I had to sew it twice - to each seam allowance of the corset separately. I tried if the whalebone likes it :-)

When I had all the tunnels, I put the whalebones in. I marked the upper edge with a marker.

As the upper edge should be hemmed as well, I cut them half a cm under the mark, inserted and finished the tunnel at the top in the same way.

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