Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Yellow Chemise

This chemise should belong to the skirts.
The pattern is a T with slanted sleams from the neckline to the armpit.
I cut and sewed the body and the sleeves.

I put these together and folded the edge of the neckline. I sewed through the seam allowance twice to create two tunnels.

At first, I wanted to pleat the neckline and the sleeves. Then I found out I probably didn't have enough fabric (and time) :-/
At second, I wanted to put a cord in the tunnel. The neckline is quite wide and the shoulders would fall down at the dance.
So at third, I decided to put two rubber cords in the tunnel.
You can see that it looks better with only one rubber cord and one free tunnel..

So I threaded the cord to the inner tunnel. With the rubber, the shoulders stretch and don't fall. I know, it's cheating :-.

The finished gathering on the sleeve.

I'm looking forward to the first performance in the costume:-)

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