Sunday, 7 February 2016

Blue-brown Renaissance Costume - Skirts

Two full circle skirts, one from waist to the ground, the other one shorter with uneven edge.
I cut out twice half of a circle, the inner one with 30 cm diameter.
And a bias tape for rubber band tunnel.
I sewed the sides of the skirt and tape (leaving opening for rubber band), and I serged one edge of the bias tape.
I pinned the tape to the waist of the skirt, right sides together, the serged edge out. I marked quarters on the tape and the waist, and I started with pinning these four points together.
I ironed the seam allowance to its proper position and I also ironed the upper edge.
Then sewed through the waist seam at the right side of the skirt.
I inserted the rubber band and hemmed the lower edge.
Here they are!

P.S.: At the end the color seemed too khaki to me, I made a better (pronounce longer) one that really is brown :)

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