Saturday, 20 February 2016

Blue-brown Renaissance Costume - Finished

So I had skirts and corset, let's make the outfit complete.
This pattern for chemise is great, a looot better than the one with diagonal seams from armpit to neckline. The body can be like 80 cm wide (twice).
I sewed it all together...
... and made a tunnel around the neck. I inserted thick cord.
I gathered the neckline. I fitted it on myself and sewed over the cord at the corners so that the distances would not change. I pulled the fabric a bit to form nice little gathering and steamed it (no pressing).
The sleeve should be gathered too, so I sewed on a strip of fabric at the wrong side. I was cheating a bit - I used elastic for more comfort.
A bit of steam for the sleeve. So the chemise is done.
I made a pocket for my belongings. I drew the shape, made one sack from the leather-like fabric and one from the linen lining. I sewed the seam allowances of both together.
I wrapped the upper fabric over the lining and sewed on.
A few holes, a real-leather cap and a pocket is done.
I also made breeches with lace hem.
The back of the chemise is high, that's why the chemise never falls of my shoulders despite the wide and deep neckline at the front. I even made the belt and the sack for money :)
This is my new renaissance dress in colours of water and ground.

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