Friday, 5 February 2016

Blue-brown Renaissance Costume - Preparation

Hi, can you remember my old costume for renaissance village dance? I had to leave it in the previous dance troup...
So now I'm going to make a new one. It will be light blue long skirt, brown short skirt and black bodice.
(Yeah, now I have a cat like a real seamstress:-D)
I bought 4,5 meters for each skirt and tent canvas for the bodice. This time it will go over the belly (yes!) and have no shoulder strips, so maybe I will add an extra twill layer for toughness.
I found out I hate hanging the long fabrics dry, I just take them out of washing machine, let dry out a bit and then iron them. No wrinkles, no nerves (I hate when you hang a fabric on a long slack string and then you try to remove those folds at each side that prevent the fabric from laying flat), I don't even use steam at the iron, as the steam goes out of the wet fabric :)

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