Sunday, 29 May 2016

Belly Dance Veils

Dealing with lightweight fabrics may be tricky, but I think I finally have a knack for it.
I no longer iron the folding of the hem before sewing. Instead, I fold it in hand just before sewing and pull it tight, making sure that the weft threads go horizontally at the hem.
Also beginning and ending of the seam needs more attention. I put a piece of paper underneath and carefully tear it off when finished.
The heap of my silky veils. They'll be used for voi poi. Measurements are like 90 x 220 cm.
And here are organza ones. The upper hem is done with regular sewing machine, the curved edge needs an overlock machine. These are regular belly dance veils, measurements are 100 x 230, the curve may be 45 cm high.

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