Saturday, 20 August 2016

Beer Mug - Glass Grinding

I borrowed a dremel tool. I was lucky that it had this adapter - you screw in this pipe and it passes the rotation of motor to the chuck at the other end. You don't have to hold the weight of the dremel when you work and it really feels like drawing with pencil.
I'm really excited.

You can draw the design on a piece of paper or just print it. I drew it and sticked it to the inner side of the beer mug. I drew the basic proportions. Then I removed the picture. I put some black stuff inside to see better and worked on details.

After sime time focusing on the drawing and grinding at the same time is exhausting for the eyes. I closed one eye like an archer to see both just once but anyway after a while my eyes were crossing...
By the way, for glass I used the bit that looks like little metal ball.

The name could have been lower, but the half litre measure was in the way. I filled the letters completely (it looks almost like etched, only the edges aren't that sharp).

My husband as I see him :)
I just love how easy it was to draw something with dremel tool. You don't have to be real artist and it still looks really cool.
Our pissed warrior cat :-D

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