Monday, 22 August 2016

Viking Quiver

A quiver, possibly a Viking one. That was the assignment.
So I found this lovely quiver made according to excavations from Hedeby. Although in my opinion this wasn't the actual correct interpretation of the excavation pictures, I liked it a lot and the pattern looked quite easy.
So I cut the quiver body (I tried to make it so that it wouldn't reach the feathers) and sewed along the edges. When I was reaching the top, I cut four more pieces for the "ears", sewed each two together and inserted them into the quiver body.
I cut two panels which would serve as decoration as well as cover when the arrows are not used. I sewed on the little cross to one of them, with front stitch.
I didn't sew the sides at the bottom of the decoration panels so that the little ears could be used for hanging the quiver. I cut slits in the cover for the fastening.
The arrows I'd bought had a tape at the tail. I covered it with wool - I made this loop, wound the wool leftwards around the arrow, tucked the end to the loop and pulled the little tail on the right so that the loop ended up hidden somewhere in the middle.
When the quiver is used, the cover is rolled down and serves as reinforcement. Unfortunately I had only one big piece of leather. And it was far more tough than I would need so the rolled cover is way too bulky, canvas-like leather would be a lot better.
I think the original version looks much better. You know, I'm still learning...

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