Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wooden USB Flash Drive - Celtic Knot

I saw a nice video tutorial on making a wooden flash card and wanted to try out - I'll make one for my beloved husband :-)
I took a lath, cut out two pieces with a circular saw. I had a faulty piece of wood where a bit of bark was left, which I found ideal for my flash card. I made inner side flat on a sandpaper, using only big grain.
I outlined the bougt flash card. I've chosen one with a hole so that the card could not be pulled out from the wooden case.
The longer side of chise is used for the vertical outlines, then I flipped the chisel and removed the material on angle towards the cut outline.
I made a slot at both the pieces. I accidentaly tore out a piece at the front. I wish I repaired it then...
No matter.
I used a hot glue to set the flash card in place. This fullfils any space that's left, especially around the hole. I used a glue for wood to attach the inner sides together.
I clamped it between two laths for the glue to dry out.
The wrapper piece seemed too thick to me so I carefully removed the excess with a chisel. I like the V-shaped pattern at the side.
I sanded all the sides and the edges too. Not very much fun, but with good TV series, not a big deal :-)
I drew a simple celtic knot and I removed the wood around it.
Then I took more precise chisels and cut out all the little curved areas, always using the longer side for outline, flipping the chisel and removing the wood with the other side of blade.
I covered the metal part with a paper tape, hanged on a wire and sprayed on several layers of transparent laquer, letting each layer dry perfectly. Here it is.

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