Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Belt and Necklines

I had big problems looking for a belt suitable to my dress. I'd prefered a textile one.
And today I was lucky. I found a natural strip of fabric in a shop, in a linen and cotton green colour. Coincidence?.-)

I wanted to put it together with a buckle I had bought before. It was wider so I ripped a piece and weaved it back after inserting the buckle.

I'll have to sew it afterwards, now I don't have enough time. I tried to cover the belt edge but I'll have to do it as if I had made the strip myself - to finish with weaving again.

And this is usual neckline work. I used to cut it some few milimeters from the line before sewing but after my velvet experience with non-fitting pieces I decided to cut it after sewing. The front panel is on the top - I sew along this drawn line cause it's more important.

Both necklines done, the green edge attached with back stitch as well as the linen one. The belt just suits! ;-)

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