Thursday, 17 January 2008

Poi Sacks

I finished the poi: turned them over and stuffed with millet. Loose filling is the best, I was thinking about flour as well but this one surely won't penetrate through the seams.

Here are both poi, with elaborated handles. These are for two persons, as this type of twirling needs only one poi.

And even if I don't know if I'll get some extra money for this I can't leave out sacks:)
Two same rectangles, down in the shape of the ball with some cm added.

I joined a strip of fabric..

..turned it down and sewed again. Room for the lace. No machine embroidery, this time I differ with colour of the lace (according to poi).

These are my sacks:-) I put two loops of ribbon to each one, it's easy-to-close fastening.
This is how the poi will be delivered to their owner.

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