Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Small Flags

I have the first flags done. This is how I proceed. As I said this pattern is more simple than the previous that I had made. It has more to do with origami, which I'm quite good at:-P

I fold two longer sides, by sight, width of half the shortest side.

I cut the pike in a bit smaller angle than is of the triangle in the center. It's better to cut it after folding because it doesn't fray out and deform while folding that much.

I sew the folded part and as I have really many pieces I don't snip the thread and I get a continuous belt of these. I solve the threads in the end offhand. I just cut it, no lock, no tie, it will be places inside.

And the origami part - I fold the corners along the drawn line and the whole unsewn side according to this line.

Sewing with a lock on both sides - this part will be stressed.

The first eight flags. Four flags take about half an hour.

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