Tuesday, 15 January 2008

New Type of Poi

I got a request to make poi for belly dance with veil. I had been studying the original and I hope I understood.
This is the second poi - I know how to do it already:-)
I cut this shape out of a gentle light fabric. I found out that I'm unable to zigg-zagg sharp edges - this one will be inside the poi.

Straining a bit is necessary and makes the curly border. I folded a few milimeters to get a smooth line.

Quite good result:-) Folding the seams is easy as the fabric winds itself.

I made this pattern just out of the knowledge of the ball's perimeter. Fortunatelly it worked:) Four pieces, I marked their upper parts to recognise them - the fabric had quite long nap, it's visible when you complete the pieces wrong..

These are the panels - I sewed two and two ovals together. I prepared a plastic band and put it up, the napkin was put down with a loop for the veil.

What should be outside must be sewn inside:-) I sewed along the outline and left some centimeters free - so I didn't have to stuff the whole napkin inside.

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