Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sister's Petticoat

This is sister's one. Easy cut, I made this in one day. Maybe she'll make the main dress herself..
It's just a rectangle, double of the distance between shoulders and floor, with a hole for the head whose center's moved a bit to the front rectangle. Sleeves are the easiest ones, just a straight line. First I sewed them to the center panel, then finished them and at last sewed the petty down to the hips.

Then there's cutting the center of each panel up to the level of hips and inserting four gores. I don't enjoy putting them to the front and back which are without seam in the center, I still didn't invent a reasonable solution for these.
The neckline and the length will be done later.

That's my boyfriend making me laugh on purpose every time he takes a picture of me. Naughty boy!!!
(I put this photo here to please him, it's prooof that I'm a witch, don't you see the cat on my shoulder?)

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