Thursday, 14 February 2008


It took me a bit of time to think out something as a Valentine present. And let's take a look what came out of it.
Easy pattern, two circles of about 40 cm and a long strip of fabric. Sewn together with a hole left on a side.

A lid, smaller circle and a chunk of soft fabric. The circle has been basted as marked and the rest put inside.

This way I got two buttons. I fastened the thread, tucked the leftovers inside and fastened againg. The thread didn't come out from the center, I took one end and drew it symetrically to the other side.

The buttons have been sewn to the pillow and the threads inside tied together. I put old fabric trimmings inside and sewn the side in hand with an invisible stitching.

The buttons were too thick and quite uncomfortable, anyway, this is a Valentine thing, so I took a red velvet ...

There are two red pieces and two yellow as a stuffing. Machine zigg-zagg embroidery. Then the heart was cut and bordered with a satin stitch (which in fact is just very neat zigg-zagg). The heart's basted to the upper button so it can be easily removed;-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you folks! :-D


Allison Ann Aller said...

I love this glowing heart!
Thanks for coming to visit my blog...all the way from the Czech Republic! I am honored.

Žabacorporation said...

My pleasure:-)
I like your blog, recently the most interesting for me was the leaves ribbon embroidery that seem like peas to me, the one from the healing quilt. It's wonderful.
I have a query. How is it about the letters made from flowers? I suppose they flowers are not fresh, are they? :-D