Sunday, 17 February 2008


As I have one more day of holidays, I continued to play:-)
I was observing my wallet and tried if I could make something similar.
The pattern was interesting - many little rectangles.

I worked with a twill band for the first time in my life and I must admit that it's easy and nice.
I folded the band in the middle and thus bordered three rectangles of the four of the same width (A). And then one more of a bigger width (B).

I put one rectangle taller than B under it and put the twill on both sides to join them together. I did the same with the other four pieces but only on the left.
These two groups were put onto a big rectangle (same height) and put the band on the upper edge. I sewed through the very left white strip so that it joined the lower fabric.

I took a piece of a transparent fabric and worked in a fastener. I put a piece at the same size as this group under it and joined them with twill on the right.
I took two big pieces and bordered one of them at the top. I layed the biggest piece, then the one I've just finished on it, then the group containing A and B and finally the group with a fastener. Sewing was done at the fastener's strip of twill.

This is the outside. Orange piece can serve as a place for a logo.

I tried to join these two pieces with twill again. However the band was quite thin and the wallet thick. I didn't succeed. The band didn't catch all the fabric. I wanted to sew them in hand but eventually I gave it up.

I made a larger strip from the black canvas and covered the white. Better;-)

There should be a Velcro fastener, one on the transparent side and one on the black outer side. I didn't have one. Nevertheless, it quite looks like a wallet :-)

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